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The landscape in which you find yourself as NGO is changing. Funds have become scarcer and you are becoming increasingly dependent on donors. Moreover, the government and other donors are critically examining what is being done with their contributions. That is why you as NGO must ‘sell yourself’ and seek collaboration with other NGOs. At the same time, the importance of compliance, transparency regarding income and expenditure and the completion of projects on time and within the budget is growing. In order to achieve all this it is imperative that your processes and systems are in order.

AllSolutions helps NGOs master the challenges by designing processes more intelligently, and creating more insight and transparency. This ensures there is more time to work on what is really important: creating a better world.

Creative thinking

Doing business

To compete for funds from the government and other donors you have to think creatively within the parameters set. This requires more insight into potential opportunities and the proper substantiation of each proposal. That is why it is essential that you set up your processes so that they support this new way of doing business.

Accountability down to the last euro


Donors and governments require more transparency. They want their contributions to be end up in the right place and expect the work carried out to be properly substantiated. It is therefore crucial that you can always substantiate in detail that every euro has been well spent and that you are compliant.

"AgriProFocus stays in control of its projects and financial administration in thirteen countries.”

Lisette van Benthum Manager Financial Strategy AgriProFocus
Project management from A to Z


You want to keep a grip on the progress and costs relating to the projects. But your employees and volunteers in the field are usually not financial experts. That's why it's essential that your people are able to keep track of every step in the project as easily as possible and that you are in control of the projects yourself.

Pioneering collaboration


You work with partners and suppliers located all over the world. This entails challenges, such as working with different currencies. This can only be transacted smoothly if you have a strategy and the right resources to respond quickly to exchange rates, transaction costs and associated risks.


Top three functionalities

Make working for a better world simpler with these AllSolutions functionalities.

Budget lines

The ability to report on projects (outcomes and results) based on the budget lines, as requested by the donor.

Decentralised, yet integrated

An integrated solution that fits the decentralised approach of an NGO: it is easy to consolidate regional offices, and projects can be set up either locally or organisation-wide.


AllSolutions complies with all NGO standards, from RJ650 to IATI. For IATI, the financial and M&E data in AllSolutions are combined in an integrated IATI file.

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